There’re sharks out there…

…make sure you get an HONEST web designer!

We strongly believe honesty and transparency must be present all throughout: from this very moment to after your site is completed.

How much does a website cost?

Every project is different and there are so many things to consider: functionality, design, web hosting, secure certificates, domain name registration, copyright issues, sourcing images/taking photographs, google optimization, logo design….

…it can be quite overhwhelming, especially if you never developed a website before.

However not to worry: I shall guide you through it all – with plenty of good advice – so that you can make good, informed choices.

A chat over the phone or in person is a good way to go through your needs and requirements, as well as answering your questions and explaining the basics. It is totally obligation free and people usually find it very useful.

I will then send you a detailed quotation. Proper time and thought goes into this, and my proposal will include different options to suit your budget. It will accurately describe what you get for what you pay.

I have been working as a full time web designer for over 20 years and I am the web designer in Edinburgh with – by far – most 5 star Google reviews. For the quality of work I produce, rest assured my prices will be very reasonable and competitive.

My services are tailor made for small organizations/businesses and sole traders, providing top professionalism and quality at a price they can afford. Please see below for some ball park figures, and get in touch to get your quotation.

Ballpark prices

If budget is the priority, I can deliver a high quality website with up to 5 pages, with no hidden costs and including absolutely  everything you need (domain, hosting, images, secure certificate) with as little as £ 750.

If you need a logo, the design of a very simple one starts from £ 90. For more complex/refined logos you are looking at something between £ 150 and 200. We can also design business cards and stationary to go with it for £ 65.

For a prime, top quality 5 to 10 pages website you are looking at spending between £ 900 and £ 1200. A lot of work and experience goes into this, and it will deliver something which will truly make you stand out from your competitors and enhance everything you do.

E-commerce facilities start from £ 350. Booking systems from £ 200. Highly reliable web hosting from £ 90 per year, and we can of course register any domain name and set it up for you (a costs £ 12 to register, a .com £ 15).

Get in touch to discuss your project

There is plenty to look forward to!

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