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There are so many web design companies in Edinburgh: why should you choose us? Good question!
Here are a few good reasons:


anyone can put together a web site,
but building one that is easy to use
and looks good regardless of what
device, screen or browser you are
using takes a lot of experience


everything we do for you belongs to
YOU, not us. Our customers stay with
us because they are happy,
not because they are prisoners who
can’t leave!


our web sites are Google friendly
and are built to achieve very high
rankings, giving you a lot of exposure


we deliver your site on time, on
budget and without hidden costs or


you can rest assured that everything
we use (images, graphics, scripts, software etc.) is either original, copyright-free or authorised by its legal owner


in these times of call centres and
poor customer care you'll be amazed at how well we look after you. We are approachable, friendly and reliable

Ready to start your journey with us and make your business take off?

Customer testimonials

Andrea was recommended to me some three years ago and now I don't know what I'd do without him! Not only has he designed and redesigned our website but he also does all of our Search Engine Optimisation too.

By far the most valuable thing to a small business owner who is not particularly IT-savvy though, is the fact that there is no question that he can't answer.

Whether it's related to web design, search engines, links, hardware or software, he's always there and I know that I can rely on him for expert, impartial advice.

I've passed Andrea's name on to lots of new people and I recommend him to you without reservation

Margot Medhurst

Like many self employed people of a certain age, all things "IT" (for all its wonderful benefits) have been and continue to be a huge challenge!

Even with talented family members often helping out with our website, there is no substitute for the luxury of a dedicated web professional.

What a relief to discover Andrea at Dialogue Web Design in Edinburgh, a combination of patience, sensitivity, ability to explain thing in terms that even I can understand! Not to forget realistic pricing and easy to contact when needed.

His SEO work in particular has boosted our internet presence and consequently he is doing the same for some of our other websites. Highly recommended!

Chris Greathead

Over the last year Andrea has worked on both of my sites. For me his work stands out for a few reasons.

Perhaps most importantly Andrea does what he says he’s going to do. On top of that he does it well and he does it quickly. Andrea is always gets work done in an exceptionally efficient manner.

Where many try to scare you into buying ongoing and unnecessary monthly plans Andrea simply does the work, tallies it up and bills you when it reaches an agreed amount.

I very much like the straightforward nature of working with Andrea. For me it is how a working relationship should be.

Neil Harvey