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We strongly believe honesty and transparency must be present all throughout:
from this very moment to after your site is completed.
We can't give out exact prices before discussing your needs with you,
but for an indication of the costs involved please refer below.


£ 400 to 600

A “brochure website” is a cost effective solution for small businesses and individuals who wish to have a web presence.

It provides an introduction to your potential and existing customers about what your business or service has to offer to them.

It generally contains the same type of information that you might find in a company brochure, hence the name.

This would typically include around 5 to 10 pages of content, custom website design and basic search engine optimisation to gain visibility.

Whenever needed, we can update the site for you. Quickly and cheaply.

If you prefer to update your website yourself, you will need a content management system (please see below).


£ 500 to 800

With a “content management system” web site (CMS) you can easily update your website without any specialised knowledge.

There are pros and cons in using a CMS instead of a “brochure web site” as described above. We are always happy to help you understand what is better for you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.
CMS systems allow adding endless functionalities to your web site such as for instance: mailing lists, blogs, forums, booking or reservation systems, interactive maps and even e-commerce.

While these attract extra costs, they can be easily added as you go along, allowing your web site to grow hand in hand with your business.


£ 700 to 1500

To sell products or services online taking credit cards payments you need an “e-commerce” web site.

Prices will vary greatly, depending on a number of factors. For instance: how many products will you be selling? Do your products vary greatly in value and physical size/weight? (If so, programming postage costs will be much more complex).
Do your products come in different colours and sizes? How many? Do you want a full shopping cart system that can apply group discounts/vouchers and a customer area where people can see their order history/details? How about a mailing list for special offers/sales? How smart you want the design to be? Etc. etc.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

A bit puzzled?

Don't be! A chat over the phone or face to face will answer all your questions. There is no obligation whatsoever. We believe people recognise good, honest advice when they hear it, so we concentrate on just that!